Weight be Gone!

Prepregnancy I weighted 93 lbs. I was underweight for my height (5ft) I had no idea. I could have sworn I was at least 100 lbs.

During the initial doctor visit I found out my true weight. Yikes. Let me say that I hate working out. I didn’t look like i weighted 93 lbs. Its called out.of.shape. No biggie , I was happy.
Since I was under (doctors words not mine) I needed to gain a little extra for the little one. A little.
I could do that. And boy did my appetite increase, by 100. I was never a big eater but having a little foodie inside me made me compete with my 6’5 baby daddy. Lets just say I could eat him under the table.
Waist line expanded as the number on the scale kept raising. My ankles were screaming “what the fuck” at me and my pants yelled “make it stop!”
I ended up gaining 60 lbs. Yes, 60! I don’t think my knees will ever be the same or ever forgive me.
Currently, I am at 130 and I hate it. No offense to people who weight that, you probably look and feel better than I do.
I want to get down to 110. But, it has been a real struggle. Between being starved from breastfeeding and accustomed to eating everything on the plate, I cant seem to get the weight off.
I recently gave up sweets, white rice and bread (mostly). I’ve begun eating normal (okay a little more than normal) size portions. But its kind if hard when your other half is eating donuts and all the good stuff in front of you(asshole). The only thing left is to continue to fix my diet, oh and workout(yuck). Have I’ve mention how much I hate working out? because I really do.
Yesterday the baby daddy admitted he needed to go on a diet and workout, yay, he is finally getting on board for my journey.
So starting tomorrow (April 3) because who commits to something at the beginning of the month we will jump on this weight loss craze. I will find it in me to workout ( sigh) and I will eat healthier (double sigh) Haha, i may be a bigger baby than my actual baby.
Wish me luck!
-Reluctant Mom.

9 thoughts on “Weight be Gone!

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  1. Aww! I only gained about 20lbs and by the time we went home with Em from the hospital, I had dropped 15 of it (thanks to c-section which popped her out and went ahead and sucked all the fluid out for me, uh thank you!) It didn’t take me long to drop down to what I was before pregnant with her. But that did NOT change my new post pregnancy belly. That little piece of unwanted crap hung around for ages. It wasn’t until I became vegetarian (3 years post baby) that I started noticing my stomach finally flattening all the way. I think a large portion of that is from the c-section just absolutely killing your muscles. It takes a lot longer to recoup from that than you’d think. Best of luck and tell boo to go eat somewhere else!

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    1. wow soooo jealous 20, i wish! i dropped some of it to yayy c section 😁. ahh teach me your ways and idk if i can go vegetarian..maybe for a couple of months. ugh my muscles are mush lol. thank you. oh he already knows, not around me!

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      1. Vegetarian doesn’t work for everyone. You’ll figure out what works for you over time. Give yourself at least a year before you start really hating your post baby body. A lot changes in a year!

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      2. a year?! lol oh man i have patience with certain things but i dont know if i can do a year. I completely agree, vegetarian is not for everyone, so i applaud you!

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  2. Good luck.
    Seriously though … don’t worry about it … it’ll come off when she starts running around and you’re constantly trying to keep up with her. Now I wish someone had told me that little tidbit on my first baby πŸ˜‰

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    1. thank you! yeah i figured. the other day the hubby came home with my favorite doughnut. (asshole) but it was soo good. So I’ve said im on no rush it will happen when it happens πŸ˜‹

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