Damn You, Bottle Warmer!

This is how you know you are a first time mom, for the last 3 months I have been using the bottle warmer wrong.

How could it take 20 minutes to warm up 2oz. I knew something was off, but then I just brushed it off as having  a shitty warmer. 

I finally got tired of it taking forever, especially with a crying baby who wanted her milk; we decided to get a new one. 

Now, this super cool one we bought had something I didnt know you could do. Fill it up with fucking water! water! why hadn’t we thought of that before? Why didn’t we read the instructions because guess what, our original warmer needed water in it! 

This whole time the warmer was missings its key component, it wasn’t shitty just incomplete. What a fool. 

Can’t believe it. We definitely need to start reading the manuals that come with things so we don’t get stuck with 2 of something. 

-Foolish Mom


7 thoughts on “Damn You, Bottle Warmer!

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  1. BAHAHA!!! omg it’s a wonder you didn’t burn it out. I never had this issue but I would get impatient and take the bottle out right when it was done and burn the shit out of my hand.

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