Too Attached.

I understand that a child will be attached to their parent but when will it be too much? Can it be too much or is it normal behavior that will fade overtime?

My daughter will be 4 months soon and she is extremely attached to me. I don’t mind most times because i love her and im kinda of attached too, but other times it can become annoying (maybe not the right word). 

I cant get anything done, no dishes,no laundry, cleaning or any sort? Nope. She is constantly in my arms. She falls asleep in my arms, if you try to put her down she wakes up with the “what the fuck” face. You try to put her in her chair and here comes the “bitch,please” face. Yes, she has major attitude.

When her father comes home she’ll go into his arms but can easily get pissed off with him and wants me.  We actually could lay her down on the couch, only if one of us is watching; leaves me no option because i cant leave her alone.

So all day I’m trapped holding her. The plus side is I get to netflix and catch up on my shows .

I’m hoping this phase passes by soon, little one needs to start walkings so I can put her in a walker and have her bumper cars around the house. 

– Trapped Mom 


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